Motif Review: Investing for people who care where their money’s going

Fees 0.00%-0.15% Per Year
Minimum Investment $0
Types of Accounts available Taxable, Joint, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA & Rollover IRA
Advisor type Robotic
Asset Under Management NA
Access Computer, IOS and Android


Motif was founded by Hardeep Walia back in 2010. It all started when Hardeep wanted to invest in the mobile Internet and wanted a broader exposure to the mobile ecosystem. When he found out that there is no funds or ETF's out there who can adequately cover his requirement, he planned to create a concept-driven trading platform that allows the investors to invest on their investing desires.

Motif allows the investors to invest in the segments which they want to, whether it's a trending segment like Robotics, a trading strategy like buy the dips or an investment style like ivy league endowment. Motif allows the investors to invest in these segments by converting then into Motifs-intelligently weighted baskets of up to 30 stocks or exchange-traded funds.

Motif understands that every investor is different and no two investors have the same desires, financial goals, time horizons, risk profiles, investing interests and personal values. That is why they have created tools that allow you to easily customize your portfolios by adding or deleting any stock of your choice. To simplify the selection process, experts at Motif have already created 150+ portfolios, but you are provided with the complete freedom to alter the portfolio according to your requirement.

Best Features of Motif


No Management Fee

When you invest through a pooled fund then the fund management firm typically charges a management fee, which reduces the amount of money you have invested in the fund. Motif does not charge any management fee and by investing directly in individual companies, you cut out hidden fees that eat away at your returns.

Direct Ownership

When you invest in investments such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF), you typically raise credit against the borrower who promises to pay your investment back with interest resulting in gains on your investment or you just invest in a pooled fund with a promise of good return and not knowing what you own. But when you invest with Motif you become the direct owner of the underlying stocks so you always know exactly what you own.

Built By Experts

Motif is built by experts in the field of finance and technology innovation. Motif's platform has won awards for creating a unique and highly efficient platform. The credit for their amazing platform goes out to their approach which is a disciplined, scientific and transparent approach to build financial products.


Motif has implemented the latest technology and techniques to ensure the security of your personal information and all the transactions that take place on their platform. Your personal information will be fully encrypted and securely stored. As a Member SIPC, securities in your account are protected up to $500,000.

Services provided by Betterment


Impact Portfolio

Motif's Impact Portfolio are fully automated portfolios which are designed to bring together your values and financial goals on the same platform. By providing the investment opportunities which are aligned to your values and create a positive impact on society, nature and our world, Motif provides you with the opportunity to create an impact through your investments. Motif adds responsible leaders in their industries and instantly removes companies that don’t reflect your values. This portfolio is completely transparent and is designed to keep nothing hidden from the investor's, you can see exactly what you own all for a flat, monthly subscription.

Motif belief in intelligent investing is also applied to this portfolio. You will directly own the stocks representing five different asset classes, this diversity decreases the risk factor on your overall investment and directly owning the stocks gives you the complete freedom to take decisions related to the stocks. This portfolio also come along with automatic drift protection keeping you aligned with your financial target. The market always keeps drifting and Motif's Robo-Advisor automatically modifies your investments to a more optimized mode. This portfolio is asset aware and automatically reinvest your extra capital to minimize assets sales.  

Trade Motifs and Stocks

A Motif is a bucket of 30 stocks or ETFs which are designed particularly to reflect one investment theme/approach, market insight or innovative trend. Professionals at Motif design great Motifs and you can choose one which is aligned with your investment theme or you can create a Motif yourself picking those stocks or ETFs which you believe in. With a click of a button, you can buy pre-designed Motifs or your own Motif.

Motifs trading is a real-time thing. Once you purchase your Motif, the team at Motif place an order for each individual security the motif contains. If you decide you want to sell some Motif or securities then that will also happen in real time. The price of Motif starts from just $9.95 that’s as low as 33¢ a stock. This lower price of Motif allows the investor to invest with an amount which is comfortable to their needs.

IPO at Motif

Motif provides you a direct access to IPOs, with all the pricing and details you need to make a purchase. It is very simple to use, you have to select the IPO or secondary you're interested to invest into. You can start with as low as $250 or up to the IPO's Maximum. Motif has a very interesting tool which allows knowing the number of shares you would own if you input the amount you will be investing in the IPO. This gives you a better understanding of how your returns would look like in some time.

Summary: Motif

Motif is a good platform to start or continue your investment journey and especially if you are very specific with the industry you want to invest in. It is very easy to diversify your investments with Motif, low-cost trades, custom Motifs and much more. These features just make it much easier to align your financial goals with your values.

Motif must add automatic dividend reinvestment as it has a direct and significant impact on the returns of investors.