DiversyFund Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding & Investing Sites



DiversyFund is real estate crowdfunding marketplace which connects accredited investors to exclusive opportunities for investment in one of the best performing asset class that is Real Estate. Real estate has been one of the best performing asset class is we analyze its historical performance. In many countries, real estate has outperformed stock market and government bonds. DiversyFund is another crowdfunding platform which is based out of 2012 JOBS act which changed some rules under Regulation D, allowing real estate industry to execute crowdfunding for real estate assets.

DiversyFund offers 3 types of investments strategies to the investors: Growth, Passive income, and a diversified debt fund. The opportunities clubbed under the tag of growth achieve a double digit return for the life of the investment and pay at maturity. The investments do not pay out on a quarterly basis and are designed for investors looking for long term investment with a greater return. The passive income produces an attractive return on investments and payout on a quarterly basis to the investors for the investment term. Diversified debt fund is designed to pay out on a quarterly basis secured by a portfolio of properties on DiversyFund, these funds are expected to pay on a quarterly basis and to be an evergreen fund.

It is easy to invest with DiversyFund's online marketplace. You start by creating a free account which takes a few minutes of your time. After creating the account you are free to view the investments opportunities available with at DiversyFund's marketplace. DiversyFund creates no such obligation where you have to invest in a particular time frame. You can invest at any time you like. DiversyFund performs a detailed vetting process and 100% back all properties which mean that only the best investment opportunities are made available to the investors. DiversyFund created a comfortable process to invest which can be carried out from your home, office or anywhere else. You just need to go through the investment opportunities, fill out the necessary paperwork, and transfer the desired amount of funds. As your investment grows, DiversyFund automatically deposits funds into your account. This makes reinvestment a simple process.

DiversyFund Investment Options and Special Features


DiversyFund brings the investors together on a one platform using the best and latest technology. All the investors on the platform of DiversyFund have their goals aligned in the same direction and that is getting good returns from their investments in real estate assets. With just a few clicks, you get the access to the best deals in real estate and you can start investing in them with as little as $5,000.

DiversyFund provides the agile and finest real estate investment opportunities to their investors. To provide great returns every time requires great agility. DiversyFund understands how this rapidly changing environment of real estate market works.  With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market managing real estate investments, the team of DiversyFund is well aware of the sinister way in which the real estate market works. Their team is always ready to take the right action at the right time, thus creating the best opportunities and high returns on the investments.

DiversyFund does the accounting work for you, through an extensive use of data and technology, DiversyFund analyzes the market trends and underwrites all of the investment opportunities that walks in their door. To ensure the best quality of deals available on their platform, DiversyFund uses forecast models to analyze the deals with best returns. To ensure every transaction is done as per the best market standards. all of the transactions are underwritten using SEC strict guidelines.

DiversyFund also provides investment opportunities in a predesigned and diversified portfolio of real estate debt. DiversyFund takes the investment from the investors and distributes it equally in different types of property all having different risk and return aspects. The expected return rate from this investment range somewhere around 10% Annualized and the term of these investments fall somewhere around 2-3 years.

DiversyFund Past Investment Opportunities


Requirements to Sign up For DiversyFund

  1. You start by creating your account using your email ID and setting up a password.
  2. You then provide your contact details such as phone number, SSN, DOB,  residential address etc.
  3. After providing all these information you are good to view the investment opportunities available on their platform.
  4. In this step, you need to provide completed and signed W-9 and verification of accreditation
  5. After providing all the relevant details and documents you will be allowed to start investing with DiversyFund