ArborCrowd Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding & Investing Sites

ArborCrowd is a premium real estate crowdfunding marketplace which gives investors a new opportunity to do more with their liquid capital. Commercial real estate has been available only to elite investors, but ArborCrowd is breaking down that old tradition and provide these elite class commercial real estate investment opportunity to everyone. By allowing people to co-invest in the best real estate deals with successful real estate dealmakers in the industry. ArborCrowd provides assistance to the investors on every step of the transactions and takes the weight of managing the properties off the shoulders of the investors.

ArborCrowd believes in 3 key aspects of their business that makes them what they are. 1) The experience, ArborCrowd's leadership has more than 30 years of experience in the ever changing real estate market. Despite the shifts and twists in the real estate market, the leadership of ArborCrowd has been making good real estate deals that have generated very good returns. Equally important is partnering with right sponsors to create a long-standing relationship with experienced leaders who know how to source well real estate deals. 2) The difference, ArborCrowd's model is different than traditional real estate investment models where the funds of the investors are pooled in and blindly allocated in different properties. On the other hand, ArborCrowd allows their investor to decide where they want their money to be invested. 3) The Synergies, ArborCrowd is a part of Arbo Family of companies that include various other real estate firms like Arbor Realty Trust, Arbor commercial mortgage, and AMAC. The family of companies was formed in order to have diversified experience in all segments of real estate investment. ArborCrowd leverage this synergy and generate profits for the investors.

It takes 3 easy steps to start investing in commercial real estate opportunities with ArborCrowd. You create an account with ArborCrowd without paying any fee and with no obligation to get complete access. Once your account is created, you can view all the investments available with ArborCrowd and select the one you want to invest in. ArborCrowd provides all the relevant information regarding all the deals available on their platform which allows all the investor to perform their own due diligence for the opportunities they are interested to invest into. The investors get access to detailed business plan on open investments which includes, project pro forma, sponsors track record, market reports, property photos, rental and sales comparables. All these information creates the perfect platform for any investor to invest in real estate knowing all the risk factors involved in their investments. After you have hand selected the opportunity you want to invest into, you can apply to be a co-investor in the deal and ArborCrowd's platform will walk you through the investment process. Once you invested in the deal through ArborCrowd, you will get regular updates- from renovations, rental updates, refinancing and eventual sale of the property. Your investment will be returned to you at end of the term with the interest you have gained.

ArborCrowd Investment Options and Special Features


ArborCrowd is a part of Arbor's family of companies and as already mentioned in the text above, Arbor Family of Companies consist of other real estate companies as well. This creates a strong network of information for real estate industry. A market analysis report generated by one company can help ArborCrowd harness the opportunities generated by a rising market.  

With ArborCrowd you get to invest alongside deal-makers who have their own money on the line. Previously this elite class of real estate investors was available to only a few real estate insiders. But ArborCrowd has made them available to everyone. These elite real estate investors have a lot of experience in real estate investment and have made a fortune investing in real estate. ArborCrowd allows you to access this tightly knit network of elite real estate investors where your interests are aligned with theirs.

ArborCrowd team is full of experienced professionals who have thrived in different market cycles. Real estate market is ever changing and you wouldn't want to commit your investment with someone who does not have much experience about this ever changing market. ArborCrowd has one of the best teams to help you in investing your money in the best opportunity. ArborCrowd provides all the information and documents necessary for you to perform your own due diligence on the investment you are interested in. Know how your money will be invested. Get complete transparency about the deal by using tools and different market scenarios. ArborCrowd provides you all the required insights from market reports, property details, financial projection to business plan timelines.

You can build a diverse portfolio of investment with ArborCrowd, for new investors, it is often suggested to build a diversified portfolio over a focused one. ArborCrowd empowers you to scale your own commercial real estate portfolio. A model which allows you to reinvest your gains from previous investments makes it easier to participate in as many deals as you want.

Investors receive a return on their investments when the project's sponsor distributes profits. All the investors can review pro forma before or after investing to understand how and when they can expect their investment to provide returns on their investment. There are several ways in which an investor can get their returns-

- Rental Income: The multifamily properties that ArborCrowd invests into are typically occupied by tenants paying monthly rents. The business strategy will be to increase the rents in place which will create an excess of cash flow after paying all the expenses and debt service.

- Refinancing: Generally sponsors seek to refinance in the case where they are seeking lower interest rate. With better rates, more monthly cash flow will be created due to lower monthly payments. Which will be utilized to pay the investors.

- Property Sold: When the investment property is sold, the remaining profit available will be distributed amongst the investors.

ArborCrowd Past Investment Opportunities


Requirements to Sign up For ArborCrowd

  1. Start by creating your account. You need to provide your name, email ID and set a password
  2. Setup you investors profile by providing you basic details such as address, phone number etc.
  3. Now your account is ready to view the offerings and information attached to them.
  4. To make your first offer, you need to fill an online form.
  5. The next step would be to get verified as an accredited investor.
  6. Transfer the funds and you are good to go.